8:52 AM

Arm yourself NOW!

We all have been in the occasional situation where we must be advocates for general aviation. Now, AOPA has made it easy to become the resident expert on a multitude of GA facts and figures by offering a free download of their new 2006 Aviation Fact Card.

On this card will be such handy information as this:

There are 609, 737 pilots holding certificates in the U.S., flying 239,162 licensed civil aircraft. Those flying machines carried 109 million souls to their destination in 2005, 17% of all flying passengers…but those GA planes burned only 6% of total aviation fuel consumed.
There is also some rather obscure data on the card. For instance, the next time you wish bury your trivia opponent while hangar flying, ask them how many VOR or VOR/DME facilities there are. I’m sure they won’t be able to craft a guess that there are 1,111 of them.

AOPA has made this a nice simple PDF download that prints out perfectly. Go here and get your copy today and throw it in your flight bag so we can be armed with info the next time we must defend GA against the un-informed masses.

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