10:42 AM

Fun with Widgets

I am never one to get into the “Mac vs. Windows” debate…it is like trying to argue which is better, Ford or Chevy, Cessna or Piper.

But as a graphic designer, I live in a Mac world, as does the rest of the printing industry. And recently, I started using Apple’s Dashboard utility, which allows the user to add cool little “widgets” to the desktop, which can be called up simply with a press of the F9 button.

And of course, as a pilot, I quickly went to the www and searched for aviation-related widgets. I found one freebie called “Aviation Weather” that displays current METAR info for up to 4 airports. Then I figured out how to display several at once, and now – as the photo above shows – I can hit one button and get current, instant WX for a number of airports.

This technology stuff, I love it one minute, despise it the next. Today, I love it…

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