11:10 AM

Highway freakin’ robbery.

There comes a time when we all get pushed over the edge. Today is my day. I woke up to this headline on one of the websites I peruse each A.M.:

ExxonMobil Netting $93,000,000 a day
$93 million a day profit.

This unbelievable headline was sitting just under another that shouted out the sick, disgusting truth about our country today:
Republican Bill Gives Billions In Tax Breaks For Oil Companies
With our King at 32% approval ratings in some polls, and our worthless Congress now at 22% approval in other polls, I ask you… how much more of this crap can you personally take?

I chuckle when I think about those loyal Country Club Republicans – the guys who drive Escalades and fly Baron 55s. Do they really have so much money that they can still support Bush when he is so obviously stealing from their pocket and passing the money on to his homeboyz at Big Oil? These are the same guys that bitch a blue streak about a $10 tie-down fee, and then turn a blind eye when they get so viciously screwed at the pump, thanks to W and Dead Eye Dick. I guess party loyalty has it’s price.

A quick look around the country on 100ll.com shows these outrageous prices for 100 low lead today:
$5.80 in Atlanta (ATL)
$5.10 in Los Angeles (LAX)
$6.31 in New Jersey (TEB)
Almost six and a half bucks for a gallon of avgas? Fill your Baron with 112 gallons of dead dinosaur juice and we’re talking $706.72 to go just over 700 NM. That works out to $1,300 for a quick roundtrip from the middle of Oregon to the middle of Cali.

So if anyone reading this actually enjoys getting raped at the pump, make sure you vote GOP this November. That way, W and Dead Eye avoid impeachment hearings, and you can still get that wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart as you transfer your hard-earned GOP dollars to the cronies at Big Oil so they can stash it on an offshore slush fund and avoid paying any taxes at all. So nice of you to contribute to their insane profits...I wish I had that kind of money to simply piss away.

Or, you can vote D in November and change the power structure of the House and Senate so we can impeach these clowns and begin serious investigations into Big Oil’s obvious price fixing schemes.

This is a “no-brainer” if there ever was one.

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