9:21 PM

How about PhatBoy?

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company today launched a new blimp without an official name. They did that because they are also launching a mega PR stunt, the “Name the Blimp” contest.

Simple concept. You name it, you get to have the blimp visit your town for a day, so says Chuck Sinclair, Senior Vice President, Goodyear:

"It occurred to us as we were preparing to invite America for input on naming the new airship, that the most compelling incentive to enter would be an opportunity to live that dream. Ask yourself, what would you do if you had the blimp for a day?"
So what WOULD you do with a blimp for a day. I sure the hell would rustle a few minutes in the left seat. Oh wait, it’s a freakin’ blimp, so they probably fly it from the right seat.

Then again, would flying a blimp really be that much fun? They fly kinda slow, have almost no roll rate, the stalls are really REALLY boring, and it is pretty hard to drop into the airport café for a $100 hamburger without a busload of ground crew to tether your ass to the bus (see photo above).

Here is everything you ever needed to know about Goodyear’s blimp program, and here is the info on the contest.

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