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O.K., admit it..we’ve all been salivating over the Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner. It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s cutting edge. In fact, it’s so damned good looking, I want it to slip into something more comfortable and meet me in the boudoir for some hanky panky.

I recently exchanged emails with a current 767 pilot who cannot wait for his name to climb the hiring chart so he one day will be left seat in a 7E7. Without going into paragraphs of detail here, he said it is common knowledge among current line pilots that the advances Boeing is introducing with the –E7 will change everything in commercial aviation.

Well, friends, I can lay testiment to that first hand.

Today, I flew the Dreamliner for the first time out of EUG, and there were two distinct flying characteristics that jump right out at you:

Rolling down 16R, I pulled back and at 95 KIAS, the nose shot skyward and the Dreamliner began it’s rotation. At 100 KIAS, we were flying, and before I could sip my Starbucks the nice young lady had brought me from the back, we were climbing at 3,000 fps. And with quick, easy flicks of my wrist, I could lay the 7E7 into a hard bank either direction as if it were a Lancair Columbia.
Now for those of you just tuning, in, you may be wondering how a lone aviation blogger in the middle of Oregon got the keys to a Dreamliner. No problem if you are a member of the X-Plane Community.

See, this Dreamliner was a very new X-Plane simcraft, and a very good one at that. It is amazing how much time these Simcrafters put into getting things exactly right, so I feel pretty confident that this simulated 7E7 flies somewhat like the real thing.

And we all know this is about as close to the left seat as I will ever get. I do have it on my list however to fly in the back of a 7E7, hopefully with some wide-eyed grandkids at my side.

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