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Tucker is a class act

As many of us already know, Sean Tucker parachuted from his aerobatic biplane this past Tuesday just south of Coushatta, LA. Tucker's biplane suffered a mechanical failure in the elevator control linkage during a practice flight in the aerobatic box at the Coushatta airport.

Aero News Network has a great piece on the incident here.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to briefly speak with Tucker as he walked through the crowd at Oshkosh following his act, which, BTW, was awesome as always. I always try to compliment aerobatic pilots whenever I can, because what they do is actually much, MUCH harder than it looks. It is not only mentally challenging, but physically demanding beyond anything I could ever endure.

As I walked, Tucker just happened to stroll by within a few feet, going the same direction. So I threw him some verbal flowers, and he responded with an outstretched hand. He gave me his full attention for a good five minutes after asking me what I thought of the show. It is unbelievable that a star of his quality would care what one dude in a million at OSH thought about his act.
So as we walked, I tried to be honest, and told him I wouldn’t know the difference between a good airshow act and great one – they all look kickass wonderful to me. But I did tell him I know greatness on the stick when I see it, and he was one of the best. Sean smiled, thanked me and disappeared.

Very glad here to see he survived the incident. Sorry to see his beautiful Oracle Challenger go away, but Tucker will be back to his upside down sideways tailsliding self soon. Certainly in time for his appointment with the masses on the shores of Lake Winnebago in late July.

Tucker’s website has the latest on the story here.

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