4:36 PM

Wildest thing you’ll see today.

This is so funny. Everyone knows that Memphis International Airport is home to the nation’s FedEx hub, and on any given night, a whole bunch of heavies mean business when they descend on MEM, one after the other. When it absolutely, positively has to get their tomorrow morning, your package will go to Elvis’ home and back, no matter where it’s been dropped off.

Recently very funny video emerged on Google Videos, showing a time-lapse animation of FedEx’s blips racing each other into MEM around a oncoming bank of nasty tornado alley thundercells. This video is hilarious, and be SURE to have your sound turned up when you watch this. Click here to view now.

While your dinking around in Google videos, might as well put something like “airplanes” or “aircraft” into the search box…and then sit back and have fun. Just don’t do this when you have anything else important to do, ‘cause you’ll be welded to your computer watching these videos for the rest of the night.

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