5:08 PM

Nice week for Boeing.

You know the wild, wacky world of building and selling heavy airliners…some weeks you sit around waiting for the phone to ring, and others, well, the freakin’ phone rings itself clean off the wall.

This week was one of those “off the wall” weeks for Boeing.

Today, they said unnamed buyers had ordered $5.8 billion worth of single-aisle planes and wide-body aircraft this week, making it one of the biggest ever for new orders.

Ordering off the menu, buyers ordered 20 wide-body 777s, nine single-aisle 737s and three 747s. The 777s, with an average list price of $216 million each, are among the most expensive of Boeing's products.
Wall Street analysts had expected orders to lag somewhat in 2006, but instead demand had remained very strong. Part of that strength lies with continued orders from Cathay Pacific Airways which recently placed orders for two more 777 aircraft, extending their commitment to buy 18 of the extended-range planes.

Boeing shares were up 39 cents at $84.03 in morning New York Stock Exchange trade. Eighty four bucks for Boeing! Good for them. Back when I dabbled in the market, $35 was rocking and rolling for BA. And of course, I never held any, or hold any now. Didn’t buy any AAPL back then either, when it was priced too high at $8. Had they told me back then everyone and his brother would have an iPod in their pocket and the stock would soon launch into orbit and end up on 2 June, ’06 at $61.66, I would have taken their drugs away.

What's good for Boeing is ALWAYS good for the industry. Now just when is Eclipse going public?

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