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787 sold out through 2011.

Good news out of Everett, Washington regarding the 787. [Yes, I know Boeing is “based” in Chicago now, but in my heart they will always be a Seattle-area company, no matter where the CEO buys his lattes]. Boeing Co. now has 420 commitments from airlines to buy its new 787 Dreamliner commercial jet, a company executive said late last week, with 377 firm orders through August and shipments set to begin in 2008. The Chicago-based company is betting the farm on the 787 to again earn world dominance from Airbus SAS, and if ever a airliner can do that, it is the 787.

A few interesting facts about the Dreamliner:

• Just over 70 percent of the jet's parts come from outside suppliers. This is a record for any commercial aircraft ever built, says Boeing.

• The 250-seat plane is said to be the first made of more than 50% composite materials.

• It will take just three days to assemble a 787 after all of its parts are delivered from suppliers around the globe.
Tonight I bought two Powerball tickets, one of which I’m sure will generate $137 million for me. After taxes, I should have just enough to buy one of those shiny new Dreamliners, and have it fitted with a BBJ interior and maybe one of those solid gold toilets like they have on the flying yachts flown by Saudi princes.

But even when I get that big fat check, I’m still basically screwed if I want a quick delivery position on my new -87:
Boeing says they are "sold out through 2011, and 2012 is getting taken up really fast."
Sold out for five years. I guess that’s what happens when you build an airplane thats beautiful, efficient and, well, just plain HOT. Can I say that? Can an airplane be…hot? Have you seen the cockpit of the Dreamliner? Makes anything else in the sky look like the cab of a freakin’ locomotive. And back there where the passengers lounge in those ultra-swank seats…baby, there’s some seriously sexy mood lighting going on in there.

I guess when you think about it, yes, airplanes can be hot. Love…it’s not just for people anymore.

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