5:48 PM

Airbus Confirms More
Delays for A380

For the second time in less than 90 days, Airbus has announced another delay for its new A380 superjumbo. Seems building an airplane as big as a small city isn’t as easy as first thought.

Maybe this is why:

It is being reported that wiring issues have gotten the best of the planemaker...300 miles of wiring to be exact! Airbus promised customers they could customize entertainment systems for each aircraft -- which adds to the complexity of building each plane, as different wiring has to be preinstalled in each plane.
In the sales race, Aero-News Network reports that Boeing has been giving Airbus a “sound thrashing” by almost a 4-to-1 margin. This is BEFORE Boeing even gets its Dreamliner program up to full sales speed. Between the success of the uber-beautiful 787 and the continuous problems across the pond with the A380, maybe Boeing will finally retain their position at the top of the jetliner sales heap for the foreseeable future.

Wouldn’t bother this passenger one bit. If you ask me, air travel in modern day Boeing birds is pure heaven…recent trips I’ve taken in the 737, 767 and 777 were roomy, quiet and quick. Even the tiny bag of “gourmet” pretzels and plastic cup of tepid water seemed to taste better.

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