11:29 AM

From the land of BMWs, the Autobahn and great beer

My fascination with business jets continues to grow daily, and I try to keep up on breaking bizjet news as well as my schedule allows. So it is with complete surprise that today I stumbled on yet another private jet heading towards certification and production: The German-built Grob G180 SPn Utility Jet:

Grob calls the SPn “the largest private jet to be certified for single-pilot operations”, and the plane is equipped with a newly improved Honeywell APEX integrated all glass cockpit. Propulsion consists of two rear mounted FADEC controlled Williams J44-3A engines with 1270 kg of thrust which produces an amazing rate of climb of 4,330 FPM with eight souls aboard.
FAA Certification and first deliveries are schedule for 2Q 2007, about the same time a slew of other business jets are slated to hit the market. When I first read about the SPn, I polled a few friends via email and asked them if they’d every heard of Grob’s bizjet program. Unanimously, the answer was no…so I don’t feel too bad because the plane’s development was flying under my personal radar without detection.

Now I wonder if they have a European delivery plan to pick up one of these guys at the factory? Maybe I can make the trip a “twofer” and stop by BMW’s Berlin production facility and snag a K1200R to throw in the back of the SPn for the trip back across the pond.

Lucky for me, dreaming like this doesn’t cost real money, or else I’d be homeless.

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