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More proof that aviation business is red hot

Signs are everywhere on the web these days that shows the aviation business community as seriously rocking. It is now completely safe to forget those bleak days not that long ago when major airframe manufacturers were closing down production lines and shuttering factories:

Over at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), 2006 first quarter sales figures are through the roof, with total sales of $2.9 billion showing a 39.7% increase over 1Q05. The biggest leap of all – which really rocks my world – is that the largest increase comes from piston airplanes at 37.6%.
In the bizjet community, NBAA is crowing about this:
Five weeks out, the NBAA 59th Annual Meeting & Convention exhibit floor has completely sold out for first time in NBAA convention history, with close to 1,150 Exhibitors registered and 5,216 10-foot by 10-foot booth spaces sold.
This year's NBAA event also will feature 11 fixed-wing aircraft and four helicopters at the Orange County Convention Center, the most aircraft ever shown on the exhibit floor. More than 100 additional business aircraft will be presented at the nearby Static Display on Orlando Executive Airport.

All of this gushing good news points to one thing – that 2006 and beyond will forever be regarded as one of the most exciting periods ever in aviation history. The VLJ craze is about to change everything in the private jet aircraft sector, LSAs are coming at us from all directions, and Virgin Galactic just announced plans to launch Paris Hilton into space. Think about that last one for a moment…Paris Hilton in space. This ought to be fun, watching the paparazzi chasing her into orbit.

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