4:39 PM

The time has come.

There is a point in every modern-day pilot’s life when he or she must step into the cockpit of a Cirrus. It’s inevitable…it must be done. If any pilot ever says they have never dreamt of flying an SR22-GTS, they would be lying.

Today I took my first step towards finally getting a ride in a Cirrus. I have scheduled a demo ride at the Eugene Airport’s Norwest Fly Fest on September 24th, and already I get chills thinking about maybe – just maybe – actually getting a minute of “stick time” in the plane of my dreams.

So will I be writing a check right then and there for a SR22? Most likely not going to happen – although I didn’t check my Powerball tickets from last night – but we all know this:

The funny thing about airplanes is that they can be great motivators. You take that first plane ride as a kid, and next thing you know, you’re washing planes to earn the money for your private ticket. And I’m predicting here and now that my upcoming ride in the Cirrus will be the catalyst to kick my own ass into high gear, pushing me harder to solidify my investment portfolio so I can hold the keys to my own SR someday really soon.
So watch this space after my September 24th ride when I’ll post a thorough review of the plane I have dreamed about owning from the very first second I saw one in person. Will it live up to my expectations? Will it be a no-brainer to fly the side-stick flight controls? Will it be smooth, powerful and will the avionics be far superior than anything I could imagine would be installed in a GA plane?

All those questions will be answered – if I can come down off of cloud nine long enough to type!

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