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Weather Wunderland

Regular readers of this blog know I love learning about weather, especially the flood of WX information available out there on the Internets. So it will not be a surprise to find out how high I am about finding wunderground.com…AKA the Weather Underground.

Yes, I know their name sounds like a splinter ground of radicals from Bezerkley, California, but don’t let that name fool you, these people are serious about weather on the web.

There are two things they do that sets them far apart from the pack, in my humble opinion:

First, they offer aviators "one link" access to full aviation reports showing the meat and potatoes of the lengthy DUATS reports we know and love. No longer do you have to log in and sift through a ream of data to get what you need…just enter any city, airport or zip code at wunderground, and click the link to aviation information found near the bottom of the page (see red circle in image above).

Second, they have 1,000s of people all over the land with personal WX stations set up that automatically upload real-time data, something they call “Rapid Fire” weather. Last time I checked Eugene, the data was 13 seconds old.
Of course, nothing on the web is meant to replace a real phone WX briefing from the FAA. Use wxunderground for personal research PRIOR to calling 1.800.wx.brief, that is an order. For a sample of their aviation data, click here before visiting their Aviation home page, found here.

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