9:02 AM

You knew I couldn’t possibly stay away.

My regular readers of this blog have already known that because of a couple of huge projects, I was forced to take the summer off. As an aviation junkie, I missed writing this blog every day, and longed for the interaction with the 100 or so regulars that stopped by my virtual hangar each day.

Throughout those two projects, I still watched the traffic stats, and it killed me to see all of you come to my blog as I stayed on hiatus. But now that my son Michael is married (happened 9.2.06 in Los Gatos) and my mammoth Oshkosh forum on my Three-Eight Charlie screenplay project is in the books, I think I may again have the quality time to spend sifting through the day’s aviation news and then spewing forth my usual “Dave Barry meets Herb Caen” style of blogging.

I've been on the fence about re-starting World of Flying for a couple of weeks, but today something happened that helped me make the decision to return.

A while back, I posted some gut feelings and musings about the ultra-cool HondaJet (see "Is Honda Still Just Toying With Us" below). Well, yesterday I get a phone call out of deep left field from a reporter writing for a major mainstream national paper asking for quotes on what I thought of the HondaJet project. She said my blog “oozed aviation enthusiasm” which I took as a compliment, but I warned the nice young lady that I was just a Cessna driver with 300 hours, a happy GA pilot who pokes holes in the sky and chase $100 hamburgers. I was not any sort of expert on the HondaJet, that I made clear.
Didn’t matter. Seems she just wanted a GA point of view on what Average Joe Cessna pilot thinks of the company that makes my lawnmower engine getting into the bizjet business. I told her simply this: I went through a dozen mowers in my life with Briggs and Stratton powerplants that seemed to always give me fits, and the one I have now – with a nice quiet Honda four-stroker – starts on the first pull every time and runs all day without so much as a hiccup. I told her if they make their jet as solid as they make lawnmower engines, the uber-successful Accord line or my beloved Honda SL 100 motorcycle that I owned as a teenager, it would in fact set a pretty high benchmark for the likes of Eclipse, Raytheon and Cessna.

It is still a little weird to think that in a few weeks, there is some possibility that USA Today will run quotes from me in a national article about the sexiest private jet in the world. Why me?

Hell, why not.

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