2:17 PM

Are the Reviewers right about Flyboys?

Scanning the Internets for reviews about pilot Tony Bill’s movie Flyboys this morning, I found mostly bad news. A nice word here and there, but generally the non-flying mainstream media has been brutal to the film.

Here are some snippets:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Bob Townsend said "[Flyboys] is a cartoonish melodrama about WW I aces that never gets off the ground. Airplane buffs will be lured by the promise of spectacular dogfights…and the colorful, computer-generated French Nieuport biplanes, German Fokker triplanes and period bombers and zeppelins do look pretty good.” But only good enough for him to give it a D. Ty Burr of the Boston Globe said that once it gets going, Flyboys is “reasonably ripping,” and gave it a B-.

However, many reviewers panned the digital special effects:

"The numerous dogfights are so souped up with digitally composited imagery that the thrills and the machines themselves end up diminished." said Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune, who gave it a C. William Arnold of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was blunt as hell, saying "...rousing as it is in places, the movie's CGI aerial battle sequences never look quite real. As imaginatively as some of them are staged, the action scenes are never authentically gripping. This seems to be the hidden handicap of our new digital filmmaking era in which all big action sequences are generated in the computer and look vaguely like cartoons.”

Comments welcome on whether this flick is worth the price of popcorn.

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