12:28 PM

Cirrus to take jet orders at NBAA

We all knew this was coming:

Cirrus Design will formally announce their jet project at the upcoming NBAA show Oct. 17-19 in Orlando. The single-engine jet will cruise faster than 300 knots, flie as high as to 25,000 feet, and deliver a range of 1,000 nm, all costing less than $1 million. And yes, it will have a full-frame parachute.
Cirrus VP of sales John Bingham said about 1,500 people worldwide will receive a package this week that will give them information on the aircraft, but there will not be an aircraft or mock-up at NBAA where you can put down your deposit of $100,000 and buy a spot in the production schedule.

A quick check of cirrusdesign.com just now did not reveal any clues on this project…yet. But the Avweb story is available here.

UPDATE: 1:06 - Cirrus has a website up now for this project, found here....but it is currently just a home page with a phone number of 800.705.0246. They are calling this plane "the-jet"...and as a marketing person, I can only hope that is a preliminary name. I'm sure the braintrust in Duluth will come up with something better soon. Developing...

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