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Fury = Excitement.

Let’s play a word game, shall we?
See if you can complete this exercise:

1. Cessna = dependable
2. Eclipse = value
3. Cirrus = innovative
4. Oshkosh = heaven
5. Lopresti = _________ ?

If you filled either in the word FAST or SPEED next to #5 above, you must be one of us…the aviators who know the kind of magic any product from LoPresti Speed Merchants can do to your bird’s top speed.

The name of the late Roy LoPresti is synonymous with very high-end engineering that has punched up the speeds of such well known makers as Mooney, Grumman, Beech and Piper. What you don’t know about Roy is that he was part of the team which built the Lunar Lander and took us safely to the moon and back. My guess is it would have taken Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin a lot longer to play golf on the moon had LoPresti not been involved.

Here is the money quote from loprestifury.com on Roy:

Every design Roy touched went faster, flew higher and felt better. He called his final work the "Fury". A technical masterpiece meant to incorporate the classic American lines of a WWII fighter with new and innovative technologies from his fertile mind.
The LoPresti family of Vero Beach, Florida is made up of Curt, David, Ann, Bud, Jim and Peggy LoPresti, and owns the Fury design and the prototype. Roy left behind the plans, the tooling and even the bill of materials with every nut and bolt specified.

LoPresti has just set up a 100,000-square-foot production plant at the Belen airport in central New Mexico, located about 30 miles south of Albuquerque. They’ll be soon building the certified LoPresti Fury and selling it for an estimated $295,000, according to an article on ABQjournal.com.

What you’ll get should be one of the most exciting planes to hit the market…EVER! I do not make that statement lightly either, just look at these specs:
• Max speed (Lycoming IO360).....222 MPH
• Cruise speed.....215 MPH
• Stall Speed (flaps).....54 MPH
• Fuel Burn 75%.....10.5 GPH
• Range (with 45 minute reserve).....1000 SM
• Rate of climb (at sea level).....1350 FPM
• Service Ceiling.....21,000 FT
• Design Gross Weight.....2300 LBS
• Empty Weight.....1450 LBS
• Useful Load.....850 LBS
• Engine.....Lycoming IO 360A1B6 (200 HP)
• Fuel Capacity (Useable Fuel).....60 GAL
• Baggage Capacity.....200 LBS
And check out these features:
• Fully Aerobatic (Ultimate Load 7+Gs)
• Military style HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick)
• Dual independent redundant brake systems
• Curved parallax correction instrument panel
• Roller bearing jet design push rod controls
• Sequenced main gear doors
• RAM boost air induction
• Custom guage selection (Analog or Digital instruments)
• Completely flush riveted
World of Flying is going to be following the story of the Fury…I cannot possibly stay away. What true-blue aviator could? Let me say it another way, if you don’t drool on your Nikes at the sight of this baby, you don’t live in my world.

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