11:10 PM

I got plenty
of nuttin’…

With about a million and one scandals coming down in Washington Monday, I was distracted to say the least....so anything that resembles actual aviation news and views will have to wait for another day.

Call it Predatorgate or La Cage Aux Foley, your choice…but this meltdown on one side of the aisle is what it looks like when an entire party throws theirselves under the bus. I get flack every time I mention politics in this blog, but damn, you have to admit, even Bay Buchanan and the Washington Times are having a blast with this one. Can you say i-m-p-l-o-s-i-o-n?

The only thing that fell into my aviation inbox today via a friend was a few links to some rather wild aviation videos, found on Google Videos and Youtube.

There’s an unbelievable display of “helicopter ballet” found here, and if you ever wondered if a C-130 Hercules can land on an aircraft carrier, here is rather scratchy proof.

Of course, you will need to watch this video to see what happens when you drive behind a 747 that has all four engines blazing, and you'll want to get your NASCAR crash hat on to watch this collection of unfortunate endings to otherwise perfectly good airplanes, be my guest here.

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