9:15 AM

Lidle, day two
(we are all students version)

Not going to go all day on this tragic accident again, because there is still just a ton of bad information out there today about this crash. The first thing I saw in the morning paper was "news" that the bodies of the flight instructor "and his student" fell out of the plane to the sidewalk below. This made me wonder how many people out there are now thinking that because Lidle is being called a "student pilot" by the mainstream media, that MUST mean he was just a greenhorn at the controls, a "fact" that may have contributed to the crash.

But as any good CFI will tell you, "student pilot" is a license that is not the same as "private pilot"...the ticket Lidle held. And that same CFI will tell you we are all students in the cockpit, and that continuous learning is vital to air safety. My guess is that Lidle was getting a little bit of dual to sharpen his skills in the SR20 prior to his XC westbound back to his home on the Left Coast.

Of course, the mainstream media didn't bother to ask the right questions to clear this kind of thing up. After all, they were on deadline getting that "Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie Are Friends Again" story out there as "Breaking News"...

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