3:30 PM

Nice doggie, but he
still can’t type.

I’m off to California for a business trip, and all day I’ve been trying hard to get Sage, the family Keeshond (shown in photo) to fill in as guest blogger. He sure has lots to say on a number of issues, mostly the economy and how it effects the price of cheese and dog food. And he really REALLY gets pumped up when the subject is sanitation disposal – man, you ought to see him go freakin' nuts when the refuse truck shows up.

To verify that I’m trying to get him to type today, here is Sage’s first blog entry, verbatim:

ad; 9dhcv0 nc7d2uyg2bcf 8g ^ Walk GQ6 6qwv IV 7Yjaz533f,, Cheese vep Kennel vt5veofb cbw Michael nciceubeceuc ^%B&*hi Naomi hh Îfi‹ÏÓ˝ˆ‡ fl◊ˇ◊uyfutvgyyy! akjsnc77j &&& hnd Scott oaisj8 a6 ^$%%$% nciau. Truck
O.K, so his paws do not fit the keyboard. And it has been confirmed that the housesitter won’t guest blog either, so I guess I’ll be off frequency until November 6th or 7th…unless something happens in the aviation world that is so electrifying that I cannot stay away.

So chill out, take a week off of WoF and be sure to check back about November 8th.

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