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Nobody does it better.

If you want the real straight story on business aviation, Aviation International News is my recommendation for the most comprehensive resource for the very latest news from around the industry. This is not a plug, just this writer's personal opinion.

For instance, their October issue ran a very good piece that outlines the business jets in development, in flight-test or certified within the last year.

Here is the quick and dirty version of that list…but I urge you to go visit ainonline.com and read the full version…it is that good:

Adam Aircraft A700:
– Next delivery slot 2Q/08.
Aerion SSBJ:
– Expected to enter service in 2011.
Airbus A318 Elite:
– For flights up to 4,000 nm.
ATG Javelin:
Certification pegged for late 2008.
Boeing Business Jets - BBJ3:
$64 million and it’s yours.
Bombardier Challenger 605:
Company claims a 99.8 percent dispatch rate.
Learjet 60XR:
Adds Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 panel.
Cessna CJ2+:
The $5.745 million twinjet is selling like hotcakes.
Citation Encore+:
FAA approval of the Encore+ is expected in 4Q/06.
Citation Mustang:
First VLJ to receive full FAA certification.
Dassault Falcon 7X:
Dassault claims 80 firm orders for the $39.2mil trijet.
Dassault Falcon 900DX:
– Improved short-field performance over the 900EX.
Dassault Falcon 2000DX:
– First deliveries expected by 2008.
Diamond D-Jet:
Certification in 2Q/08, Diamond claims orders for 125 D-Jets.
Eclipse 500:
Eclipse claims orders and options for 2,500 E500s.
Embraer Phenom 100:
Certification planned for mid-2008.
Embraer Phenom 300:
– Mach 0.82 and a ceiling of 41,000 feet.
Eviation EV-20:
The twinjet derivative of the former VisionAire Vantage.
Excel-Jet Sport-Jet:
Work said to be suspended after ’05 prototype crash
Grob Aerospace G180 SPn Utility Jet:
– First deliveries slated for 2Q/07.
Gulfstream G150:
NetJets has ordered 50 G150s with options on 50 more.
Honda HondaJet:
Began taking orders this week at NBAA Convention.
Millennium Aerospace Foxjet:
“Serious” order-taking after the NBAA show.
Raytheon Hawker 4000:
Raytheon plans to deliver H4000s in 4Q/06.
Sino Swearingen SJ30:
Received FAA certification in October 2005.
Spectrum Aeronautical Spectrum 33:
Planned to take orders at NBAA.
Sukhoi S-21 SSBJ:
Rumored SSBJ launch possible in 2015.
Supersonic Aerospace QSST:
FAR Part 25 certification planned for 2013.
Tam-Air Epic Elite Jet:
Certification planned for early 2008.

So many jets...so little time.

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