2:29 PM

Saw this one coming.

In light of all the strange news coverage that has circulated around the Cory Lidle crash, it was only a matter of time (pun intended) before someone said this:

From time.com:

The investigation into the crash of the small airplane owned by New York Yankees' pitcher Cory Lidle is just beginning, but already aviation experts and pilots are quietly speculating that it may be yet another case of "too much plane." Much like the crash that claimed the life of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and a friend in 1999, there are signs that this may be a case of a relatively inexperienced pilot who ran into trouble in a high-performance plane that he had not yet mastered fully.
I recently completed my first-ever flight as PIC in a Cirrus SR22 which by “high performance” standards is a step up from the accident plane in NYC. Not boasting here, but I greased the first landing, and the plane was not at all hard or demanding to fly. In fact, the ease in which the Cirrus flew was due to its superior handling and spot-on controls. It was no harder to fly than the Skyhawk I regularly use to chase hamburgers, so I find this speculative reporting sadly unfortunate.

The media – once again – is just throwing out anything that fills space, without really talking with aviation professionals first. Had they spoken with actual pilots, they might have learned that flying a Cirrus after training in a Cessna is like driving a Miata after training in a Chevy pickup…same concept with better handling and quicker acceleration, but not so much different that the Miata is going to get away from you in the Mall parking lot causing complete loss of control.

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