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Seriously weird urban myth...debunked

Those of us who live on the Internets and use “The Google” often surely must have heard the wild rumors circulating recently that “The Google” had bought SpaceShipOne from the National Air and Space Museum to hang in their lobby.

Un huh. And pigs fly. (O.K., in all fairness, it is my theory that a pig may actually be able to fly if duct-taped to a JATO bottle, but I don’t want to start any more urban myths…)

The rumor was apparently started when people saw the photo shown in this post of a truck hauling what looks a heckuva lot like the real SS1 into “The Google’s” campus:

But techcrunch.com put the word out on the street quickly for the 411, and discovered that the Gazillionaire owners of “The Google” bought a replica of SS1 from Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites and had it hung in building 43 at “The Google’s” headquarters in Mountain View, CA
So we can all go to sleep tonight knowing the real SpaceShipOne is safe, sound, and still hanging in the National Air and Space Museum’s “Milestones of Flight” gallery at their Mall museum in WDC.

Oh, and for those who are scratching their heads wondering why I am using the term “The Google” when you, me and everyone except W knows it’s simply “Google”, click here for the hilarious explanation. If you want to, try sending Ol’ George one of them thar email thingys using “The Outlook”…sorry, could not possibly resist a little snark action so close to the election.

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