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Touched a nerve? I’d say so.

This week’s GA accident in NYC has sparked a seriously depressing amount of talk from public officials and TV talking heads about the apparent dangers to the public from general aviation aircraft. The outcry was enough for the FAA to issue a TFR that has closed down the East River corridor to fixed wing aircraft.

Here’s a taste, from AOPA’s Phil Boyer:

Mayor Daley's latest rants have sent me over the edge. He used the accident in New York to once again demand a no-fly zone over downtown Chicago for general aviation aircraft. It was expected, of course. He has an irrational hatred for piston-engine aircraft, as evidenced by his illogical tirade this week. "They should not jeopardize, through intentionally or by accident, a single- or two-engine plane flying over our city [sic]," the Meigs Field destroyer exploded at a press conference. (I don't think he was including Boeing 737s, 757s, and 767s in his list of twin-engine aircraft.) "Remember: a single- or two-engine plane can kill as many people as possible if they want to."
It was this kind of public ranting that has pushed Boyer to launch a major blitz on the organization’s web site trying to bring sanity to the train wreck that has become the media coverage of the Lidle crash.

Boyer – and many of us – are lit off big time over so many people sounding an alarm about the media spin of the "danger" of light aircraft. Boyer’s opinion, as is mine, is that there are many other threats out there far more dangerous to our cities than GA aircraft. He makes some very, very good points in this article.

I do not want to steal Boyer’s thunder on this one…this story is just that good. It is a MUST READ for every pilot, do you hear me? YOU MUST READ THIS…and then jump on AOPA’s bandwagon and tell anyone that asks that no matter what they read in the papers or see on TV, no person has every been killed from a terrorist attack using GA planes.

Go read Boyer’s article here, and then forward it to all your flying buddies.

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