3:48 PM

Your tax dollars at work, or not.

A new website popped up recently called fedspending.orga project of OMB Watch – that crunches federal spending data obtained from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

Their site map offers a number of very specific search mechanisms that I used to find out who was the top five aviation corporations that were recipients of government contracts paid for by you and me. And just FYI, this is not a rant either, so long as the money was spent on legit uses and not filtered through some crony-filled Board to pay for yachts, caviar and Pradas for a fatcat who is only on the Board because he plays golf with the CFO at an exclusive country club.

For Fiscal Year 2005, Lockheed Martin tops the list with $24,779,249,050 (that’s twenty four BILLION to the financially challenged) in contracts, with Boeing second at $18,124,179,292. Northrup Grumman was third with $13,492,944,639, followed by General Dynamics at $10,434,759,504 and Raytheon at $9,160,834,849.
Collectively, that's about $75 BIL...not chump change for a Superpower to spend on defense. I just wish that we didn't waste so much these days on offense. I'd like to still think we could defend ourselves should North Korea continue to be pissy about that whole "Axis of Evil" bit.

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