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Editorial note: This post is not about airplanes. Please excuse World of Flying while we divert…

Anyone who has ever posted seriously to their blog and considered themselves a “blogger” knows the crap we must endure from people who are confused about the true nature of the blogosphere. I get it all the time when I tell someone I consider myself a blogger: “Oh, you mean all those kids on myspace?” Or, “yes, I read blogs, that’s like The Google, right?”

Uh huh.

Now in the royal scheme of things in the blogosphere, I am more of a user than a producer. Throughout the last election, I visited a number of real blogs every day, sites like DailyKos, AmericaBlog, Crooksandliars.com and The Huffington Post. It was those people – comrades like Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Jerome Armstrong, John Aravosis and Arianna Huffington – who fired up the electorate to get out there and vote the clowns out of office. It is the work of these fine bloggers that has earned all of us the title of Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Those on the outside of the blogosphere looking in with confused gazes don’t know what we know inside the biodome of mass information distribution. That is, through the use of blogs, regular people can now make a difference. No longer is it true that the guy with the most ink has all the power.
The power of the blogosphere is calculated as 1+1+1+1 extended out into the millions. It is one person passing along something pertinent to someone else through their blog. Person #2 picks up the info, adds a link of their own, pastes in a quote from someone who matters, posts it on their blog, and a couple of more people pick that up. Every day, this scenario is played out across the Internets, and it is about time that the mainstream media admitted our importance.

So if you are a blogger or blog reader, I salute you as does Time Magazine’s Editorial Board. Keep it up…we are effecting change at the purest of grass roots levels.

Editorializing over, it is now safe to return to the world of aviation…

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