10:25 PM

How about a
little Hot Rod
with your Tafelspitz?

Over in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Diamond Aircraft builds some very nice airplanes. Unless you've been camping on Mars, surely you’ve seen the really, really awesome jet-A powered DA42 Twin Star, and their entry into the VLJ horse race, the D-Jet.

Diamond is on a roll right now, and is showing no signs of resting.

The Austrian planemaker certainly appears to have enough on their plate to keep the employees knee deep in Kaiserschmarrn (a dessert of shredded pancake and stewed fruit invented for Emperor Franz Joseph), but at the company Christmas party recently, news dropped that Diamond has something coming at us that may grab the attention of future Cirrus and Columbia buyers:

Word is just now leaking out about the DA50 “Super Star”, a five-seat, 350 hp low-wing composite airplane, said to be powered by “various” gasoline and diesel engines. The planform is very similar to their DA40, but the cabin seems to be punched out to create what Diamond is calling “the most spacious in the new generation of single-engine aircraft in General Aviation”. The fixed-gear, T-tail design sports a horizontal stabilizer with anhedral tips and a close-cowled powerplant spinning a fat four-blade MT prop.
Diamond is tight-lipped on the Super Star here in the States, but they do have a press release posted on their Austrian site. So expect to see more news and specifications released on this design soon after the first of the year.

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