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Alpha Sierra Alpha: 2020

Last week, I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” and as a believer in global warming, I can say without reservation that 99% of what is in that movie is spot on. It sure delivers the point that we’ve pretty much trashed this planet, and now it also appears that the brain children at NASA have also been watching Al Gore’s slideshow.

This week, NASA announced plans to begin robotic and human exploration of the Moon – as part of a permanent effort to achieve a sustained, human presence there. As per usual, space.com is all over this story, and is the best source on the Internets for NASA news:

“We’re going to go after a lunar base,” said Scott Horowitz, NASA associate administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate. A key technology yet to be defined is a lunar lander – hardware that can be used in piloted or unpiloted mode to develop a capability on the Moon more rapidly. “The lander will be designed to touchdown anywhere on the Moon…likened to a lunar pickup truck,” Horowitz said.
The first base would be built with crews of four persons making week-long visits beginning in 2020. The bases would be designed to eventually support 180-day lunar stays. NASA is looking at a spot on the rim of Shackleton Crater, a location near the Moon’s South Pole that’s almost permanently sunlit, providing access to endless solar energy.

Now I’m going to go off on a bit of a rant, so strap yourself in: Only a fool could look at what the Human race has done to this planet and still think of spending our limited financial resources on building spacecamps on the Moon, on Mars, or up [on] Uranus. Hey, here’s an idea…how about we spend all that NASA money on cultivating renewable, clean energy technologies on this planet? You don’t have to live in Eugene, Oregon – voted the greenest city in America – to buy into that concept.

So before we go and plunder the Moon, let’s fix this planet first. Big oil is in the middle of losing their cronies in Washington, and with 2008 elections closing fast, the chance is finally here to actually do something positive towards stopping our global climate crisis.

Or, we can all continue to live with blinders on, looking forward to the day when our grandkids can live in a gated community at Tranquillity Base and drive nuclear-powered Hummers over to the dark side of the moon on Sunday with Pink Floyd blasting from their 16-speaker Bose audio system.

Now that would be one giant leap BACKWARDS for mankind.

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