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AOPA goes "undercover"
in the Bahamas

Leave it to our friends at AOPA to take on such awful assignments as checking out the changes in clearing Customs in the Bahamas. Yes, when the going gets tough, the tough go for Margaritas on Bimini:

Recently, two AOPA employees flew from Opa Locka, Florida, to South Bimini Airport, Bimini Islands, in a Cessna 206 to clear Customs as regular pilots. They then flew to nine other Bahamian airports, taking notes at each about runway condition, their experience clearing Customs, and airport and aircraft security.
Unless you've been under your rock, surely you now know that a passport will be required when you try to get back into the United States from your Bahamas vacation. So AOPA went undercover – so to speak – in the Bahamas to experience the Customs process that members encounter when they fly there. "With the spring break season coming up, we wanted to understand all the nuances about clearing Customs in the Bahamas to share with our members," said Woody Cahall, AOPA vice president of aviation services.

There is a boatload of very comprehensive 411 on this topic found at aopa.org:

• The down low on Bahamian airports can be found here;
• There is a great Bahamian photo gallery here;
• Everything you could every possibly want to know about a Bahamian flying vacation is here;
• And in order to keep the Federalis happy, the 411 on required docs is here.

I've not done much international traveling in my time, but with a planned trip to Tuscany and maybe Vienna, Austria looming as a 20th wedding anniversary trip this August, I guess the time has come for Av8rdan to get a passport. I wonder of they'll allow me to snap my own digital mugshot...

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