7:03 PM

A few days off...

Those readers who follow this blog daily (and BTW, thank you for that) know that this is strictly a hobby, just a way to write a few lines straight out of the old cranium, unfiltered by any editors. And you all know that if I win Powerball soon, this would be my full-time passion. But until that happens, I must go forth into the world occasionally and see my advertising clients.

For about the next week, I'll be on that kind of business trip, shooting photos, making pitches, being uber-creative, and generally packing 28 hours into each day:

My business, Celeste/Daniels, is a virtual ad agency, which means we serve people all over the country, utilizing freelancers who are networked together by the thin strands of the Internets. By not having a hip, shiny office full of expensive full-timers, we are able to service many smaller aviation accounts that larger agencies cannot serve due to the high cost of staff. But our virtual nature also means that from time to time, we have to get in some face-2-face with clients, or visit their facility for a photo shoot, something that as of yet still can't be done on the web.
These trips out into the world are jammed packed, which obviously leaves no time for blogging about airplanes. And my housesitter doesn't do Windows, or Macs either for that matter, which means WoF will be off frequency for a few days.

So to my regular readers, see you next week. To any newcomers who have stumbled into Danoland for the first time, bookmark this blog and check back in about seven days, I will try and make it worth your time. And to everyone, chill and go listen to the radio, NPR is always a nice choice.

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