6:24 PM

you want one.

That’s right, we’re all friends here at World of Flying, so go ahead and ADMIT the truth. What you really want more than anything in the whole wide world is to strap yourself onto an itsy, bitsy jet-powered flying wing and launch yourself into the stratosphere.

A what?

A flying wing, that’s what. It is roughly the size of your basic yard hammock, and it’s powered by four little jet engines, two on each side of your butt. After that butt is strapped into the middle of the wing, you and the contraption are dumped out the side of a perfectly good airplane. If you think that all sounds like a hangar story gone terribly wrong, Yves Rossy of Switzerland wants to show you something in a video that can be viewed here.

Here’s what Yves has done to prove his wild Jet-Man “personal-sized” flying wing concept works:

At 7:30 pm on June 24th, 2004, Yves dropped out of a Pilatus Porter at an altitude of 4000 meters over the Yverdon airfield. Before pulling on the little lever that controls the opening of his wings, Yves lets himself glide for a couple seconds and at the altitude of 2500 meters, he starts the ignition of the engines and waits 30 seconds for them to stabilize. Once they are steady, he can finally speed up the engines and suddenly the dream comes true… He manages a horizontal flight at 1600 meters from the ground for more than 4 minutes, at a speed of 100 knots in formation with the Pilatus!
During the flight, Yves flies the flying wing by using various light body movements instead of control surfaces. To perfect the performance, the foldable carbon wings were improved and their span was increased to 3 meters.

The Jet-Man project received the authorization of the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation and is insured in liability. I’ll bet it is. Would have loved to see his insurance agent’s face when he sprung this idea on him.

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