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Bush FY 2008 budget
called “toxic” by NBAA!

While not a card-carrying member of the National Business Aviation Association, I am as high on their organization as I am on AOPA. And when NBAA talks, I listen. So it was with wide eyes that I read the following quote from NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen:

“After more than a year of intense lobbying by the nation’s big airlines, the White House has decided to introduce a budget that shifts airline costs to other segments of the industry and gives airlines more control over the air traffic system. NBAA and the rest of the general aviation community will oppose this toxic mix of higher taxes, new fees and airline control.”
Toxic...now there's a word that ought to get your attention big time.

The issue of user fees cannot be covered properly in this venue, it is just too complicated. But in a nutshell, both AOPA and NBAA have been warning us for a long time that this administration and the FAA was up to something ugly regarding GA and user fees, and now Bush has played his hand. How surprising that he is coddling big corporations while screwing the little guys...he does this same crap with big oil, big drugs, big coal, big everything...so why should he change course when he has a chance to pad the pockets of his airline buddies too?

Are we really that screwed? I say no, cautiously. Will the democratically-controlled Congress be able to decipher truth from fiction when it comes to future FAA funding? The answers to those questions lie in the excellent record AOPA and NBAA has with informing “The Hill” about what is really what. And since both sides of the aisle are bashing the Prez on just about everything as the 2008 elections loom, maybe – just maybe – they will see through the smoke and mirrors that W is shoving down our throats.

For great background on the FAA funding debate, check out the websites of AOPA and NBAA.

If ever there was a developing story, this be it...

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