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Using the “U” word.

We've all been tap dancing around this issue, but the heat is obviously on when the Bushies start throwing the “U” word out there, that being the “U” in user fees. Or maybe, is it for the “F–– You” that they are really saying to GA?

In a Reuters story out of Canada today, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters finally actually said it when commenting on the breaking news that our lovely U.S. government may look to “financial institutions and other investors” to help finance the multibillion-dollar modernization of the air traffic system:

"We're looking at a lot of options," Peters told reporters after a House of Representatives committee hearing that examined the administration's proposals for air traffic funding. One option would be if the private sector would be willing to bring the capital forward and build the system and then be paid back through user fees or taxes or whatever way we ultimately decide to fund the system."
Whatever way? So maybe they have something even more out there then user fees planned. It is really scary to think about what our airspace system is about to become with dishonest people involved who completely botch up anything they touch. Just what we need, the "Katrinization" of the FAA...

And just like Iraq, it appears W doesn't need Congress to tell him how to run his White House, or “his” nation's airspace system:
The White House on Monday proposed a new system of user fees and fuel taxes to help pay for Federal Aviation Administration's nearer-term operating expenses, including air traffic services.
And if you read this graph, it appears this is a done deal up on 'The Hill”:
Congress, however, is more focused on the Transportation Department's plan for meeting the FAA's budget needs over the next several years through proposed user fees for airlines and likely higher fuel taxes for business jets and private pilots. Details of the plan are expected to be released next week.
God, we are so screwed.

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