10:28 AM

Clever, very clever.

If you're in the vicinity of Seattle on the eighth of July this summer, you'll absolutely have to head out to the Boeing plant in Everett to take the public's first look at a fully assembled 787 Dreamliner.

Reuters in the U.K. is reporting that Boeing has scheduled the unveiling conveniently for 07.08.07 to further draw attention to their very popular midsized airliner of the future. MSNBC looks to be one of the first MSM outlets to pick up the story over on this side of the pond.

Just how popular is the Dreamliner? It appears to be the brightest of spots in Boeing's order book, and is helping them to the top of the airliner manufacturing mountain:

The first test flight of the 787 is planned for late August. The first delivery of the plane, which is sold out until 2013, is scheduled for May 2008. Fueled by demand for the 787, Boeing topped EADS-unit Airbus in new plane orders in 2006 -- the first time Boeing bested its rival since 2000.
The Rueters report says the 787 has racked up roughly $70 billion in orders in about three years on the market, and if you do a quick search for “787 Dreamliner” on The Google's news search engine, you can't miss numerous stories about more orders flowing in for the drop-dead gorgeous plane.

As I've said before, the first time I get to ride in a 787 will be a very, very special day for this aviator.

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