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Now Airbus Has
to Deal With a Strike.

The news of a planned restructuring at Airbus that will axe as many as 10,000 workers seems to have really peeved quite a few union employees, who have now announced they will stage a strike in France, Germany and Spain this coming Friday.

This latest blow to Airbus – piled on top of all their other problems – cannot possibly have a good outcome for anyone. After spending a dozen years as a card-carrying Teamster driving big trucks way WAY back in the the day to make ends meet, I do not have a very good opinion of most unions anymore, however:

Now don't get me wrong, there can be a place for unions, when they are realistic in their demands. Turn the screws up too high by bargaining for unrealistic pay and benefits, and soon that struggling company will be shopping those union jobs offshore. And once the company is struggling to survive financially, kicking it in the teeth with a work stoppage will NEVER help the situation.
So when I hear that Airbus' workers are going off to the sidewalk to stomp their feet and carry their signs, they accept part of the blame – along with the Airbus management – if the company cannot survive this hit. Maybe I'm missing something here, but if the company problems stem from not building the A380 fast enough to keep buyers in the sales book, how can slowing down that process help those workers keep their jobs?

Strikes make no sense to me...never have. Nobody wins, everyone loses, and the one thing that is guaranteed to come out of a walkout is that if the workforce's relationship with management sucked before the strike, you can bet that everyone in the building will hate each other even more after the damn thing is settled. Companies with these kinds of woes have serious morale issues, and those disgruntled workers will only get more pissed off each minute they walk the picket line. And, if they do ever return to work, are these the people you want assembling your airplane?

Sorry, but I'm buying my airliners from the company that has happy employees who aren't fighting with their boss.

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