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To the San Juans...by FSX

No secret here that I am a Mac user, and because of that, I've never even fired up Microsoft Flight Simulator. I just got a whizbang new Macbook Pro with Windows XP installed next to OSX, and it can do everything but wash my dog, but because of some sort of graphics card glitchery, the MSFX demo just won't light off.

So I did not know that inside of MSFX, you actually fly specified missions, one being a trip to the San Juans via Kenmore Air's Beaver seaplanes! I stumbled onto this when reading Owen Hewitt's Polypoke blog, a nice read devoted to aviation and sim flying.

Owen has posted a review of the San Juans Island Run in MSFX, and it really makes me jealous to see how the dark side flies. And it just makes sense that Microsoft would have a Kenmore seaplane “mission” in FSX, since their main office is right there in the Seattle area.
This is just one piece of this evolving Kenmore Air story that is just so very cool. My email has been ringing off the hook – if that is even possible – and so far two other blogs (San Juan Update and Polypoke) have posted links over to WoF, driving a ton of traffic my way. I've also heard from at least one person who plans on being in Seattle this weekend and is going to try to book a scenic flight on Kenmore Air.

That is one smart dude.

If you are still looking for the ridealong story, here is part one, here is part two, and here is the photo gallery. And if you want to get started flying Microsoft Flight Simulator missions, read all about it here.

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