4:45 PM

A Very Good Sign.

I have been scouring the Internets for good news that leads me to believe that we might prevail in our fight to slam the door on Bushie's completely insane plan to effectively behead GA. But I really needed to look no further than my own representative in the House, Congressman Peter DeFazio.

Rep. DeFazio sits on the all-important House Aviation subcommittee, which reports to the the all-important U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI)...the body who will have to rubber stamp W's crazy user fee and tax increase scheme.

Before the CTI can give Bush the green light to stab us in the back, DeFazio and the House Aviation subcommittee first have to begin the process with their seal of approval. But I recently received this ray of sunshine from Rep. DeFazio's office in D.C.:

"If the administration's goal is to reduce congestion by forcing GA from the air, its proposal to increase the fuel tax on general aviation by 366% just might do the trick,” said Congressman DeFazio. “I believe the House Aviation subcommittee will reject the administration's proposal."
Whoa! That sure doesn't sound like Bush should pop the champagne cork just yet...maybe this thing isn't the slam dunk that the GOP says it is. It appears from the Congressman's quote that the Aviation subcommittee “gets it” about this proposal being very dangerous to GA, business aviation and the economy of the entire country.

Of course, this week, Bush is basically giving Capitol Hill the finger on the U.S. attorney purge, because in his world, he is The Decider, and he'll decide when his buddies speak, even if subpoenas start flying up Pennsylvania Avenue. So if DeFazio's subcommittee says no on user fees, and the CIT says no as well, does no really mean no anymore in today's Washington D.C.?

Again I say...we here at WoF hope (pray) that W's eye is off the user fee/tax increase ball just long enough to allow us to kill this beast of a proposal. And when that happens, it looks like we'll have to tip the hat to Rep. DeFazio for living in our reality-based world, not in a world that revolves only around politics, cronies and favors.

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