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Cirrus SR22, version 3.0

Over the years, I've became a “master level” Googler, and if there is anything about anything out there on any of the Internets, I'll find it. If there is dirt on you out there, it is mine. If someone gave you sweet kudos somewhere in your past, I'll find that too:

So I was really shocked this morning when I Googled the new Cirrus SR22-G3 that they'll be introducing to the GA community April 17-23 at Sun 'N Fun in Lakeland. I had received a mailer touting the excitement of this new model, but the teaser cleverly omitted any juicy details that would hint at what improvements Cirrus has added to their venerable SR design.
Off to the www I raced, only to be skunked. I searched for “Cirrus SR22-G3” with the quotes (it fine-tunes the search when you add quotes. That forces Google's system to look for that exact term in the same exact order).

I tried cirrusdesign.com...nada. They've apparently made quite an effort to keep this version of the SR under tight wraps. No press releases, no specs, no pictures...as if the G3 lived only in my imagination.

I went to the Sun 'N Fun site to maybe find pre-show clues. Zilch.

So back to 'The Google' I went, trying every conceivable way I could to search Cirrus SR22-G3 by twisting the letters around with and without quotes. Big fat zero.

I went to every GA forum I could find, hoping to find some insider who spilled the beans and dropped a few clues. Nope.
It is very rare that any major product launch goes unnoticed on the billions of pages out there in cyberspace. But try as I might, I just couldn't find the goods on the SR22 G3. This all goes to show me that there might be something really cool about this version of my favorite aircraft.

If you want to be some of the first aviators to put an eyeball on this generation of SR22, make your way to Florida for the show that officially opens the GA flying season. I have never been to Sun 'N Fun, and cannot get there this year. But as a Cirrus single-engine fan, this sounds like a “must see” show.

UPDATE @1010A on 041607: A commenter tipped me off that Cirrus has lifted the veil on the G3...a new section of their website on the new model is available here. I haven't had a chance to look it over, but will in time and post my thoughts, which you KNOW will be over the top positive.

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