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Gimme One
Good Reason!

AOPA is out with their wonderful news that they have achieved a new membership record: 411,583 members! I cannot tell you how proud I am to be in that group.

But with FAA saying there were 629,539 licensed pilots in 2006, that means only sixty-five percent of licensed sticks are AOPA members. To the remaining thirty-five percent, I just have to ask...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!

Had those thirty-five percenters read a flying magazine or spent any time on the Internets, they would have seen we are in a battle for our flying lives in Washington, DC. And for whatever reason it is you cannot – or will not – fork over the $39 for a year of AOPA membership, if flying means anything at all to you, you need to be AOPA right now:

"We're in the midst of critical turning point for GA — facing a declining pilot population and the threat of avgas tax hikes and user fees — that will take the voice of all pilots united as one to protect our industry," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "I'm proud that pilots are joining AOPA to help preserve GA as we know it today."
So what could possibly be the reason you aren't AOPA? Certainly it isn't the price...their wonderful magazine is the industry leader, making membership a value if you got nothing but AOPA Pilot for your $39. Certainly it isn't a lack of services, because a few seconds on aopa.org and you'll find they give you many reasons to join:
AOPA is the leading voice of general aviation, protecting your rights as a pilot, fighting airspace restrictions, fuel taxes, airport closings, and any issues that threaten your right to fly.

Talk to an aviation specialist for advice on buying and maintaining aircraft, flight training, or any other aviation-related question Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. AOPA's Pilot Information Center at 800/USA-AOPA

Free "members-only" Web access with AOPA Online, which brings you unlimited 24-hour access to AOPA's Real-Time Flight Planner, Aviation Weather from Meteorlogix, and AOPA's Airport Directory Online, which now includes current fuel prices for nearly 3,000 FBOs — you can save hundreds of dollars a year, online sectionals, text weather for airport locations, and graphical links to runway and taxiway diagrams.

AOPA Air Safety Foundation Courses and Seminars — Take advantage of a variety of free online safety courses or live in-person seminars and more, all sponsored by the AOPA Air Safety Foundation.

When you join or renew, you'll automatically be entered in AOPA's Catch-A-Cardinal Sweepstakes. And if you're the lucky grand prize winner, a fully refurbished Cessna Cardinal with the latest in avionics, engine, and airframe speed mods could be all yours!

The opportunity to join the AOPA Legal Services Plan. Only $29 a year gives you unlimited legal consultation privileges on covered aviation matters and access to over 600 attorneys specializing in aviation issues. Plus, annual reviews of key aviation documents.

The AOPA WorldPoints® Rewards credit card earns you one point for every dollar everywhere and DOUBLE POINTS for purchases made at more than 4,000 qualified FBOs, for select AOPA products and services, and at participating aviation merchants.

AOPA Aircraft Insurance Agency. The AOPA Insurance Agency is the only aircraft insurance agency qualified to carry the AOPA name. Coverage for owners, renters, and CFIs available. You can get a quote and purchase your aircraft insurance online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.aopaia.com. And now, AOPA members may qualify for a 5% discount on owners insurance or a 10% renewal discount on renters insurance. Call 800/622-AOPA (2672) or visit www.aopaia.com for more information.

AOPA Aviation AD&D Insurance: Provides up to $200,000 of affordable coverage for all GA pilots — guaranteed. Premiums do not increase as you age, no health questions, no rating restrictions, and no limitations or minimums on flight hours.
O.K., if you can look at that long list of great things you receive as an AOPA member and STILL refuse to shell out a paltry $39, you are hereby one cheap skate. C'mon, people, we are a brotherhood here, and AOPA is our meeting place, our “go-to” guys/gals when the going gets weird like it is right now in WDC.

So click here and sign up now if you're in that guilty 35%. This is kind of like voting...if you refuse to join the organization that is fighting off user fees on YOUR behalf - and if they lose that battle - you'll have no right to bitch about it. So fork over the thirty nine clams and get behind our best chance at defeating Bush's crazy scheme.

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