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The Ultimate
“In Your Face”
Business Jets

Boeing's BBJ Business Jet Division recently announced a USD $153 million order from Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau for a 787 Dreamliner VIP airplane that will be more of a flying palace then a travel machine. In VIP configuration, the 787-8 offers 2,404 square feet of cabin space, with the first BJ version of an -87 slated for delivery sometime after the first commercial Dreamliner is scheduled to roll out of the Everett, Wash., factory on July 8.

Boeing Media just released some artist's renderings of what the inside of a VIP Dreamliner might look like, and if these photos are close to accurate, they show some things that would certainly have to be considered to be “firsts” in business jet interiors:

The top photo in this post shows a giant hole cut into the floor of the cabin covered in a translucent blue material which the passengers would use to view the cargo hold below, which will house your Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari or other expensive car of your choice. How cool is THAT!

The middle picture [above] shows a Media Room area, with a major-league big screen plasma screen and some very cool contemporary furnishings. Hey, is that polished Teakwood flooring?

The bottom photo [above] gives us a look into another parlor of the VIP Dreamliner. There is a large row of very alive-looking greenery on one end, possibly marking the debut of actual live plants growing inside an aircraft cabin. To the right of the greens is a large rectangular device that might be the elevator going down to the cargo hold [which might also serve as the cigar parlor?], to show your buddies that awesome collector car you just bought at auction.
But let's just say you are REALLY dragging down the coin, and your cronies are ALL flying 787 Dreamliners. How dull, you think while sipping wildly expensive Scotch on the veranda. Aiming – as the rich always do – at one-upping your peers, you pick up the phone and call Boeing, ordering a business jet to put the others to shame:
Announced at Geneva yesterday: Boeing Business Jets today unveiled luxurious and forward-thinking design concepts for the 747-8 VIP airplane, which is based on the new, technologically advanced Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. The 747 VIP provides a cabin with 5,667 square feet, which includes the new SkyLoft area located above the main cabin between the upper deck and tail. Skyloft provides a potential of 881 square feet of additional cabin space and gives owners the opportunity to create unique personal suites, private offices and recreational spaces.
Whoa...did they say...recreational spaces? With close to six thousand square feet between the wings, I'm guessing that might mean a bowling alley, maybe a putting green, a climbing wall, lap pool or my personal fave...Skeet shooting range!

Boeing Business Jets offers the BBJ, BBJ 2 and BBJ 3, all high-performance derivatives of the commercially successful Next-Generation 737 airplane family, and also BBJ versions of their widebodies, including the 777 and 767.

According to Boeing, there are nearly 300 of their BBJs in service in the worldwide VIP market.

Jeez, that's some seriously fat cats, dude.

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