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A future so
bright, they'll
have to
wear shades.

This week, Boeing released their 2007 Current Market Outlook in a press release, and it shows that in the next two decades, demand could not possibly be higher for their products:

The Boeing outlook calls for a market of 28,600 new commercial airplanes (passenger and freighter) by 2026, with a much more balanced demand in aircraft by region over the forecast period. On a delivery-dollar basis, the largest market is projected to be the Asia-Pacific region, with 36 percent of the $2.8 trillion total.
Over the next 20 years, passenger and cargo airlines will take delivery of approximately:
– 3,700 regional jets - below 90 seats
– 17,650 single-aisle airplanes - 90-240 seats, dual-class
– 6,290 twin-aisle airplanes - 200-400 seats, tri-class
– 960 airplanes 747-size or larger - more than 400 seats, tri-class
Boeing is also focusing on become increasingly more green:
Boeing is focused on offering new airplanes that burn less fuel and spend less time in maintenance, allowing airlines to maximize operating efficiencies, lower their costs, and increase profitability - while providing the nonstop, point-to-point flights and frequency choices passengers want.
One thing the Boeing Outlook does not delve into is how much of that $2.8 trillion market share for new commercial airplanes will be theirs and how much will go to Airbus, if they are even around in 20 years. And with the rumors of increased Chinese airliner manufacturing, I'm sure that'll factor into all this.

That's all very well and good, but the real Boeing news this week is that their Boeing Store is offering this very cool 787 Dreamliner t-shirt.

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