4:39 PM

United Airlines
Takes a Dump
in my Inbox

I just received a load in my inbox from the airline I vow never to fly again: United.

Today they sent an email blast out to everyone who is a “member” on their site, spewing the same garbage they have been spewing in their seatback magazine articles. Along with the same rhetoric they have been trying to use to misinform the media, there was a link to this letter from their CEO:

Take Action to Reduce Air Traffic Delays

United is committed to providing our customers with the most consistent flying experience every time they fly. We rely on our partners who control our airports and the nation’s over-burdened air traffic control system to help us ensure our passengers arrive at their destination on time.

This summer Congress has an historic opportunity to address the serious congestion and delay problems in our skies by modernizing our air traffic control system. An efficient air transportation system using new satellite-based technologies will reduce delays and enable aircraft to fly more direct routes, burn less fuel, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process. Travelers will experience increased productivity, more time with family and friends, and a more pleasant overall flying experience.

It is time to build for the future. Let Congress know that delays affect you and need to be addressed. Thanks in advance for your participation.

Glenn F. Tilton
Chairman, President and CEO, United Airlines
Notice there is NO mention of how they plan to pay for this new, modern system? Gee, I wonder why that is, hmmm? Maybe it's because they are reaping major-league profits by shifting so much of that modernization onto the backs of GA users.

If you click on the smartskies.org link urging you to contact congress, you really start to get a grand look at the classic filth that the airlines are trying to use to bamboozle everyone except Bush, Blakey, Tilton and their cronies:
Outdated technologies require planes to fly convoluted routes adding up to hundreds of thousands of extra miles each year. Our air traffic control system is based on analog radio and radar technologies originally developed in the 1950s! This causes significant delays, and also burns millions of gallons of extra fuel. Air traffic is projected to grow by 33% in the next ten years, with delays growing by 62%.
O.K., we get it, air traffic is projected to grow. What the airlines are not saying is it's THEIR AIRPLANES that will make up the vast majority of that increase. What is conveniently missing is how they do not want to pay more to modernize the system they say is broken. Un freakin' believable. Then there is this gem:
A new system using digital, satellite technologies, such as GPS can help put an end to these delays and improve environmental performance.
Uh, hello? Maybe your aging MD-80s are still using LORAN, but we GA and bizav guys and gals are using those new-fangled GPS gizmos already.

And when they do get into the funding issue, they throw numbers around at will without so much as a sliver of truth:
Did you know some Members of Congress want YOU to subsidize corporate jets in funding air traffic control modernization? In fact airline passengers like you already pay nearly all air traffic control operating costs, while corporate and private jets get a free ride. These 18,000 private jets account for about 16% of the traffic in the nation’s congested skies, but they pay only 6% of the taxes which fund our ATC system.
I guess we are supposed to believe all 18,000 bizjets are flying AT THE SAME TIME! Of course, they finish off by implying that passengers are going to get a break once the burden of fundung FAA is shifted off their backs:
You can stop the madness! Contact your Members of Congress today and tell them passengers should pay ONLY their fair share of the costs for the air traffic control modernization that America needs to reduce delays.
So I guess we can expect lower ticket prices once all of us GA drivers stop riding the free FAA gravy train? Two words: Bull. Shit.

I am now officially boycotting United Airlines. I plan to fly anything else but the unfriendly skies by flying myself (while enjoying the free ride that the airlines pay for) or by driving. I'll walk across the square states before I'll give United another nickel. I can only speak for myself, but I'll bet I'm not the only GA user that has about had it with the ATA and airlines about now.

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