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in Style!

Boeing's marketing people in Everett must be given a major hat-tip today for the gigantic premiere event that has just concluded at Boeing Field.

With always classy Tom Brokaw as MC, the build-up to the unveiling was uptempo and exciting, with everyone on hand being introduced in groups, from airline and supplier reps to the guys and gals from the factory floor:

The best way to tell those two groups apart, was that the suits were wearing ties, and the hourlies were wearing shorts and Seattle Mariners caps.
After a long line of flight attendants from all the airlines that have placed orders made their way to the stage, it was time to the birth to take place:
The music began to build, and would have been at home at an Olympics Opening Ceremony. It was grandiose and powerful – lots of triumphant horns – and was the audience's clue that the show was really about to begin. Behind the giant stage, a screen the size of the largest hangar doors ever built showed an animation of 787s moving in and out of a gate area at a major airport. As the animation progressed, the liveries changed to show all the carriers who are firmly in the order book.

Then as the music reached crescendo, the stage, screen and hangar doors parted simultaniously and ceremoniously. Very slowly, a slit of sunlight first appeared, showing a small white tug. The crowd sensed this was it and leapt to their feet. As the doors widened, there it was...the first fully-assembled 787! The very tip of the Dreamliner appeared, and the crowd went nuts. The doors sooned opened fully and the most beautiful airliner any one of us could ever imagine came into full view.
The tug slowly brought the nosegear of the 787 into the hangar, and the crowd was released to circle it and begin generating large amounts of drool. The flash of a million cameras illuminated the composite fuselage, and the Dreamliner was born.

Personally, I could not visualize this airplane looking any better then it just did at the unveiling at Everett. It just makes me want to be up close and personal with a Dreamliner ASAP.

One small note to Boeing: Could you guys have made it any more troublesome to watch the streaming video of the premiere event on a Macintosh? O.K., I get it that aerospace engineers and bean counters use Windoze boxes, but would it have been that much to ask to make a Windows Media Player AND Quicktime stream available?

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