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An E-Plane
Debuts at OSH!

Oh, I love this time of year...it's like Christmas in airplane land. Pilots across the Fruited Plains wake up each morning – when not actually IN Cheese Country, USA – jump on the EAA website, and see what presents "Santa" has brought us. You just know it'll be new, it'll be exciting, and sometimes, well, a little bit out there on the fringe. From EAA:

One thing front and center at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is innovation. Nowhere was that more evident that at 9:30 Tuesday morning when Sonex Aircraft introduced its proof of concept electric motor in a Waiex airframe.
O.K., on the surface, maybe a battery-powered plane is pretty strange...but exploring green technologies for airplane power is a great direction for forward thinking aerospace engineers to be headed. Once the current adminstration loses the White House after the 2008 elections and Big Oil cannot manipulate our country's environmental policy to suit their bottom line, we'll begin to see a flood of green products energing, including electric cars from all major vehicle manufacturers. So it really is nice to see our GA community working towards a similar end:
Sonex Aircraft, LLC and AeroConversions Products recently unveiled a new research and development initiative to explore viable alternative energies for powering the sport aircraft of tomorrow. In making the announcement, Sonex President John Monnett said, "E-flight is a push to explore viable alternative energies for powering sport aircraft and improve the efficiency and performance of current products and technologies to keep aviation affordable and recreational aviation available to future generations of pilots."
Yes, the gap is wide for those wanting to market a FAA-certified electric plane. But these two companies are gutsy enough to at least explore the possibility. Kudos to them.

If I were at the EAA show today, I would make sure to visit the Sonex or AeroConversions booths, find the principals and shake their hands, telling them thank you for having an open mind regarding the future of our planet, in an age where many still perceive the pursuit of green technologies to be a bad business model.

Or, maybe instead of the usual and traditional GA greeting, I'd just give 'em a "Green skies to ya!"

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