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I Still Love my
Lawn Mower
[editors note - this is a recycled post from last year
because tonight I've got nuttin' - dan]

Over the years, I have owned many, many lawn mowers, from damned near every maker. Good ones, sucky ones, manual drive, front-wheel drive, rear bagger, no bagger, mulcher and belcher.

Now I know what you're thinking...DAN...this is an AVIATION blog, not one about yard care products! Just hang with me a second...

So recently when I was out on my hilly one-acre yard in the forest mowing up and down the numerous steep inclines with my brand new Honda HRX mower, and had a revelation of sorts:

Years ago – in my teens – I owned a motorcycle that was indestructible, the Honda SL100 Motosport. It was the world's most awesome street/dirt bike, and was literally impossible to disable. I crashed hard on that bike more times then I could count, and watched it careen down gullies, sand dunes and into creeks while suffering treatment that would have surely sidelined a mere Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki. To this day, I regret selling that bike, and I know for sure it is still running somewhere.
Back to my yard. I am blown away by my new Honda mower's features. Can you believe it has a 10-speed transmission that works flawlessly? You can slow this wonderful machine to a crawl, and it will climb a steep, slick, grassy embankment like a little red Sherman Tank. It starts on one pull every time, cuts the grass as smooth as a pool table, and runs forever on one tiny tank of gas. It is truly a masterwork of brilliant Honda engineering, much like the SL100 was back in the day.
As I chugged along happily marveling at the quality of this mower, my mind drifted to a couple of summers ago when I watch the Hondajet depart Wittman Regional Airport on the last day of EAA Airventure Oshkosh. I was front row center with my binoculars, and could see even from a distance that this airplane was a work of art. As it powered up, the whine of the engines was almost spaceship-like. When the hired gun (a big burly guy that was definitely NOT Asian) in the left seat slammed the throttle home, the Hondajet blasted off in about half the runway I expected. I could see that yet again, the famed Honda engineers had hit one out of the park.
Yes, it truly was a “mouth-dropping” experience, as I was quoted to have said about witnessing the launch in USA Today. With the flood of new turbine hardware coming at us, the HondaJet rates very near the top of the food chain for sheer drop-dead gorgeous looks and hot, steamy, sexy ramp appeal. You show up anywhere in this jet, and your stock will go way up, I guarantee that. If you're single and any member of the opposite sex sees you saunter down the airstair of your HondaJet, chances are very good that as the coolest Rock Star on the ramp, you might get way more then just lucky tonight.

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