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A Quick Reference Guide for GA pilots

AOPA is reporting that quite a few of their members are fed up with many of the major U.S. carriers as a new wave of airline misrepresentation propaganda hits in-flight magazines:

Fasten your seatbelts for a turbulent ride. The airlines are pulling out all the stops — inaccurate TV spots, e-mails to frequent fliers, and in-flight magazine editorials. Continental, US Airways, and American Airlines are the latest to publish editorials that contain factual errors and portray general aviation in a negative light. And airlines such as United are paying the price. More than 1,700 AOPA members (and counting) have written United in response to an e-mail campaign on June 27 that urged its frequent fliers to support FAA funding changes, including user fees. This is the second time in less than a month that United has offended loyal passengers, including their premier executive million mile fliers.
For those who can't keep up with this down and dirty cat fight we are involved in with the airlines, here's a quick and easy reference guide to help you determine which carriers are publically trying to screw GA, and those who so far are staying clear of the gutter. Use this guide to scratch the offending carriers [shown in strikethru] off your list the next time you book commercial air travel:
If you want to fight back, AOPA has published a PDF rebuttal ad that you can download here, print out, and insert into the airline's seatback magazines.

While many AOPA members have made their position clear, one in particular really nails it:
"I suppose if your company name was 'United Bus Lines' you would waste your political capital to try to convince Congress to tax the corporate car user to pay for all of the roads!"
I couldn't have said it better myself. Is it September yet?

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