4:31 PM

Betting on Boeing?

O.K., right out of the gate, let me say that upon first review, this topic seemed really, REALLY far out there...until I read the fine print.

The Seattle Times is reporting today that a web site called bet2give.com is taking action on whether Boeing can deliver the Dreamliner in time:

At the bet2give site, you "bet" by deciding at what price to buy or sell shares that will pay $1 if Boeing delivers the 787 on time — and those shares will be worthless if Boeing misses the deadline.
According to the bet2give.com site, this scheme differs from actual Internet gambling because the winnings go to charity. You put down real money — $15 minimum — on whether Boeing hands over the keys to the first 787 Dreamliner on schedule to All Nippon Airlines in May 2008. But the fun doesn't stop with airliners:
The site takes bets on a whole series of future events besides delivery of the 787 — the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, the next Seahawks game, the chance that Osama bin Laden will be caught before President Bush leaves office.
So I guess if you have a few greenbacks lying around that have not yet been earmarked for pizza, AvGas or the electric bill, you can stroll over to this bizarro site and play the odds on the Dreamliner. If Boeing comes through and delivers on time, your favorite charity (from the bet2give.com approved list) wins...simple as that.

But if the guy that supplies toilet paper holders for the 787 comes in a day late and pushes the timetable up causing Boeing to miss that crucial appointment with All Nippon Airlines, someone else who bet against Boeing will win, and their favorite charity will get the dough.

Either way, it sounds like a win-win to me. Now just maybe I'll take some of that "Bush won't find Osama in his lifetime" action...

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