Hardcore in the Caribbean!
Planespotting at Maho is Like Nowhere Else!

12:01 PM

We pilots love to "spot" big jets inbound to land...we've been doing it since we were puppies. The closer the better, and if you get a little jet blast on your brow...all that much better.

But if you REALLY want to visit the Mecca of planespotting, Princess Julianna Airport on the island of St. Maarten is the place to be. You can stand at the end of their mega-runway on scenic Maho Beach, which sits one tiny chain link fence away from the TDZ.

Now take a tour of Maho Beach with me, via Youtube:

Here's a 747 toying with the vacationers at Maho | View

The largest back taxi in history!
This landing on St.Maarten from the cockpit of a 747 ends with a 180 on the runway and a back taxi to the terminal. After a nosewheel landing, the crackling noise you hear in the video is the camera hitting the windshield! |

This guy puts his camera in the sand to get the full effects of the blast from a KLM 747-400 landing |

Gotta watch this one all the way through...the girl in the video is oblivious to what is about to happen! |

This videographer says that St. Maarten has the smallest runway in the world where a Boeing 747 lands. Watch this one through to the end and you'll see the inbound do the biggest, baddest go-around ever flown |

Here's a long one shot with a Sony mini-cam worn in the headband on the Captain's head, lots of good cockpit chatter |

And last and certainly least, a bunch of presumably drunk college boys getting a blow job courtesy of KLM Airlines |
There are dozens more on Youtube, found here. Just don't blame me if you waste time browsing aviation videos when you're supposed to be taking out the trash or attending Susie's piano recital!

UPDATE: I almost forgot the crazy short airport at Saba: Insane approach here. And reader @FiveFs wrote to remind me the approach into St. Barts can be hairy as well.

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