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Like A Phoenix,
it Rises Once Again

There have been so many versions of the venerable Grumman Tiger family of really awesome aircraft, only those few who live among the community called the Grumman Gang may be able to recite the lineage from memory.

I have always been a Tiger fan ever since my good friend, the late Lee Hansen and his wonderful wife Valli took me up in their plane. As most first-time Tiger passengers are, I was blown away by that fighter jet canopy, the sports car handling, and the efficient performance.

So much so that in my recent quest to buy a plane, I seriously considered a Tiger. They make great sense on paper, they look great, and are a steal for the money. But what steered me away was that the make/model was for all intents and purposes...dead. Last time I checked, someone was making them somewhere down south. That was, until their funding went south too, and once again, the production lines that cranked out the popular AG5B Tiger went dark.

I was concerned that parts availability might be an issue down the road if the line did in fact die for good. If you could buy a new canopy, would it cost you the farm if the Tiger was considered a cult plane with a limited following?

Well...that was then and this is now:

True Flight Aerospace has selected Valdosta, GA as the site for it's new 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant. For the past several months leaders at True Flight Aerospace, LLC the manufacturing arm of True Flight Holdings, LLC have been quietly visiting sites all over the southeast. True Flight Aerospace, LLC will build the popular AG5B Tiger commonly known as a Grumman Tiger. Plans include several option levels ranging from a basic VFR aircraft all the way up to the Garmin G-1000 electronic flight deck.
Whoa, baby, did they say a Tiger with a G-1000 glass cockpit? I really REALLY like the sound of that. If that was every available before, I have never known about it. Even if it WAS available by one of the many companies who built the Tiger in the past, they are all history now. What matters is that True Flight is setting up shop and WILL soon again crank out glass Tigers:
Unlike starting from scratch, we already know the FAA approved procedures and systems required to build the Tiger. With a core of experienced Tiger builders from the former operation we will train a new local team of up to 150 people much in the way a franchise start up is conducted. The Tiger is such a great airframe that we don't have to reinvent the wheel.
This is the start of something big. If there ever was a make/model that deserves resurrection, it is the Tiger. And if there ever was a reason for the general aviation market to go bonkers over a shiny new airplane, this is it.

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